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Services for boulder walls here at Boulder Images Inc. have been a trusted source for high-quality boulder retaining walls and creative natural stone outcroppings for over 24 years.  Our established systems allow us to deliver industry-leading landscape designs with boulder retaining walls and so much more. Our experience, creativity, and focus on customer service will result in creating an outdoor living space that reflects your personality and provide a lifetime of beauty to your home. Consider us for Services for boulder walls and retaining walls in your home or project.

Choose a link below to see projects in each of our service areas: Or visit us on Facebook. Often there are too many options to choose from we try to work with you one-on-one showing you the possibilities that you may not even have thought of. Steps, staircases, firepits, retaining walls, and sometimes just landscaping/lighting can make you little place in paradise a reality.

Boulder wall construction services

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What sets our boulder wall services apart is our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and environmental harmony. We prioritize the use of sustainable materials, locally sourced whenever possible, to minimize the ecological footprint. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our boulder walls are engineered for longevity, built to endure the elements while adding value and charm to your property. Our Boulder retaining walls and landscaping design far exceed others in our field. We use state-of-the-art large equipment that enables us to create unique outdoor living spaces that thrill and encourage gatherings of friends and family.

When you choose our services for boulder walls, you’re choosing a partnership that values quality, innovation, and aesthetics. Our mission is to create spaces that not only reflect your personal style but also provide practical benefits. Let us bring your outdoor dreams to life with boulder walls that redefine the art of landscaping, combining natural beauty with structural integrity. Discover the transformative power of boulder walls through our exceptional services and experience landscapes that inspire awe and admiration.

Apple Valley Minnesota, Ph: 651-322-7499