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Landscape Amenities

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Landscape Amenity Design

In today’s fast-paced world,  Landscape Amenities, Designer & Contractor – Boulder Images Inc. doesn’t it make sense to make every precious moment we have with our family and friends count?  When we consider landscape amenities we often don’t see the benefits of a firepit, or boulder retaining wall. When you’re thinking of your outdoor space, it’s important that it works for the way you live. We start our process with a free consultation on-site, brainstorming fun ideas and options. Our design staff will work with you to be sure your family will have not only a beautiful living space but one that’s functional for every need. Are you entertainers? Do you love to grill? What sports do you play? How do you relax? Our expert staff will use all these things (and more) to create YOUR perfect outdoor living environment!

Boulder Signage

Boulder signage is a perfect accent for any house or business. Its natural stone features include maintenance-free, last forever, and make a beautiful statement to guests or customers. What to put on the sign rock is up to you! While we don’t do lettering, we can connect you with someone that does. Whether you prefer your message etched or made out of metal, we know someone that can help! Because we understand how important the surroundings are to your sign, we don’t set single boulders, but we’re happy to incorporate boulder signage into a larger surrounding boulder scape. We’d love to create an unforgettable entrance for you!

boulder monument

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Boulder waterfall

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Water Features

There’s nothing more beautiful or calming than rushing water! We’re lucky to have a boulder artist that started his career creating water features long ago, so has an unbelievable eye, specifically for how water moves in nature. If you’re looking for a bubbling boulder, that’s simple enough! Our boulder artist can core and set a beautiful accent piece within your larger boulder scape. If waterfalls or streams are your thing, we have a water feature expert we partner with to make the perfect focal point in your yard. See more of our work on Facebook. 

Land Scape Amenities

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