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Boulder retaining wall with natural stone steps around pool

Transforming your
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Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces & Lifelong Memories

In Minnesota, we don’t just appreciate the outdoors, we live outdoors – boulder walls enhance outdoor living no matter the season. Imagine eating a delicious dinner hot off the grill, splashing in the pool, or spending time with family and friends around a beautiful natural stone firepit. These are the moments that make life amazing. Let Boulder Images build the framework for those memories! We’d love to create the optimum outdoor living space for you…a place to come home to…relax, unwind, and play. A place to reconnect with everything that’s important…family, friends, and nature. Check here to see more of our featured projects.

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Featured Projects

Take a look at some featured projects

From how we design to the way we build boulder walls for outdoor living, our consistently high standards for quality and attention to detail is what sets us apart. Just ask some of our clients!

That specialization includes choosing each and every boulder used in a given project. “The owner of the company goes to all the quarries around the country and handpicks every single boulder,” says Libby. “For Boulder walls for outdoor living, at each job site, we meet to talk about the job. If he has any questions at all, he actually goes out to the job sites and looks at my design so he knows exactly which boulders to pick for each and every customer. Color, shape, layout, function.”

Boulder Images is set apart from others because of its specialized equipment, too. “Nobody else has this kind of machinery,” Libby says. “We’re some of the only folks in the industry that actually specialize in this, and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else in the industry.”

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