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Firepit Cove Seating

boulder fire pit with boulders

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Firepit Cove Seating Firepits using boulders and stones

Firepits using boulders and stones provide for Maybe s’mores are your thing? We’ve got you! Let’s design a firepit cove where the boulders don’t just retain, but also create beautiful seating for your friends and family, complete with comfy backrests (and maybe even a cocktail table)! Firepit coves are completely customizable for almost any setting and almost any budget – make it simple or grand, whatever fits you. Using natural stone and boulders we create outdoor living spaces that cause family, and friends to gather, and firepits using boulders and stones. It’s truly a perfect fit for any size crowd. Our design staff will work with you to create a space intimate enough for a relaxing fire with your family, with plenty of seating for the whole neighborhood! Teens love to continue the tradition passed down from family to gather around firepits using boulders and stones. See more of our work on facebook

Firepit Cove Seating

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