Boulder Retaining Walls

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Traditional Boulder Retaining Walls

Everyone has different tastes, no two people (or yards!) are the same. Our traditional boulder walls are great for those that prefer the feel of a classic, bluff-like look. Traditional walls are also a perfect fit for tighter spaces that call for a smaller footprint to maximize usable yard space. And, just because it’s a time-honored look doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! We can craft beautiful tiers into your hillside giving a home to lush plantings or maybe that morning coffee space you’ve always dreamed of. And, don’t forget our precious summer evenings…it’s simple to tuck a firepit cove into a traditional wall for years of family memories!

Naturalistic Boulder Retaining Walls

The naturalistic approach is by far our most popular wall application. Our goal is to make your hillside appear as if it’s always been there, naturally formed with soft planting pockets and even natural stone staircases (if it suits you). We do our best to mimic nature’s splendor, taking note from Minnesota’s most stunning spots, including the beautiful bluffs of Lanesboro and the majesty of the North Shore. Our naturalistic walls are truly one of the many things that sets us apart from everyone else. This type of application takes a special talent that only comes with time and experience, and we’re the most experienced in the industry. Our two boulder artists have a combined 55 years creating stunning living spaces. People love our naturalistic walls because it doesn’t just give their yard beauty, it gives them a functional space to truly live in. Use the planting pockets for joyful flowers or finally plant that veggie garden you’ve been wanting. Maybe you just want to relax at the end of the day on the patio tucked into the wall or enjoy a delicious s’more in your firepit cove. The options and ideas for a naturalistic wall are endless!

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Engineered Retaining Walls

Crazy tall wall? No problem! Minnesota code tells us that retaining walls over 4’ tall require a structural engineer to help with the design. We’re lucky to work with an experienced engineer, who will partner with us to create a beautiful structure for you, no matter the elevation. We’ve been doing engineered walls for 21 years – we’re no stranger to height and weight surcharge! Though many of our cities, municipalities, and developments hire us for this expertise, lots of homeowners come across this need as well. Height has never scared us…our tallest single wall (to date) is 33’ straight up!

Your Wall is Failing
Time to Replace It

When timber means “TIMBER!” Or, you have a concrete block wall that’s crumbling and giving way. Your wall is failing – time to replace it. Don’t make the same mistake twice by using with the same old material. Timbers and concrete retaining wall blocks only have a typical life span of 15-25 years. Replace your aging walls with environmentally friendly, natural boulders! Not only are our walls much more beautiful, our clients are shocked when they see how competitive prices are. In most cases, installing a boulder wall is similar in cost to installing a concrete block wall, and in many cases, it’s actually LESS! So, why wouldn’t you choose a naturally beautiful option that will last a lifetime?

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