Naturalistic Living Environments

Boulder Outcroppings

Sometimes you don’t need a full wall, but would like some light retention. Other times, you just want a splash of stone for aesthetics in the landscape. Then, sometimes you do have a full wall but would love to soften the edges. In all those cases, boulder outcroppings are a great choice! In most any situation, outcroppings enhance the look of your outdoor living area. Using plants with groupings of boulders can really soften a space, as if Mother Nature put it there herself!

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elevated patio boulders

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Outdoor Living Environments

The key component for outdoor living environments to be a true success for everyone involved is to provide an environment or place to unwind, relax and reconnect with nature. Most importantly, they can provide a place to collect your thoughts and become reacquainted with family and friends.
Whether a crackling fireplace pit complemented by a few natural boulder sitting stones, or some larger boulder outcroppings accented amongst blankets of ground cover splendor. Let Boulder Images staff work with you and your family to create your special outdoor living environment today!!

Naturalistic Outcroppings and Rock Gardens

Boulder Images specializes in naturalistic outcroppings and rock gardens.
Browse through our photo gallery to some examples of our work. We hope you like what you see. If you do, contact us to discuss your project. We’d love the opportunity to fulfill your boulder landscaping needs and requirements.

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